Life tends to be hard at times only to find us meeting it back with our best. As a mother of three, I realized that I have the responsibility of becoming an inspiration to my children regardless of any downturns or obstacles that I may be battling. Like many others, I’ve had setbacks in this world and having Fibromyalgia and thyroid disease was just the beginning.

Some days you have to create your own Sunshine

When I found out that my hubby has bipolar, I was a bit hesitant about the future direction of my life  My husband was hospitalized for 6 months after having a psychotic episode, which was probably the most terrifying experience in my life. I wasn’t sure our marriage could be salvaged after that night.

How was I going to support myself and kids???

My future was looking impossible and I felt helpless. Then I looked at my three angels and decided that I would do whatever it takes to make my journey of being a mother as fulfilling as possible for myself as well as my kids. This was the point where I decided that I should make the most of my capabilities of being a mom while staying true to myself and my passion for life

Both positive and negative events bring you opportunities to get in touch with your true self. Trying times are challenges, and if you’re poised with a positive attitude, you can discover more about yourself and your capabilities.

Difficult times can give you the ability to get in touch with your values. Seek the deeper meaning of it all, and always search for the silver lining. Even the toughest and most depressing situations can be opportunities for learning, as long as you open yourself to see the lesson.


Learning for the Future

Once you’ve learned a life lesson by going through a particularly difficult situation, you can use that knowledge to help you cope with future obstacles. But instead of dwelling on the negative, focus on enjoying your life in the moment in order to keep up the positive outlook and happiness you deserve

Finding a Better Way to Stand Strong

My affection for my children is my basic motivation for doing what I do and I make sure that every unique experience I have with them is shared with every other mom out there. What better than to feel adored by your children for the happy times that you have given them as a parent? Being a mom with a chronic illness could seem to be a daunting task. However, all you need to do is have a positive outlook on every situation and all your dilemmas would be away in the blink of an eye. You could follow my story, tips, life hacks and the journey of being a mother and help me carry out my dreams of providing a fulfilling experience for my children while they grow up.